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Editorial Team

Dr. Suryakiran Navath, Ph. D.,
Director and Editor In Chief
Sciforce Publications

Dr. Shadia Abdel-Hameed Elsayed, BDS, MSc, Ph.D.,
Faculty of Dental Medicine for Girls
Al-Azhar University,
Research Interest: maxillofacial trauma osteosynthesis devices and plating systems and on TMJ Surgery as Ankylosis and joint reconstruction.

Dr. Akhilanand Chaurasia,
Clinical consultant, academician and researcher,
King George Medical University,
Research Interest: Temporomandibular Joints, Orofacial pain, New technology related to dentistry, Cyst and tumors of Oral Cavity, etc.

Dr. Yu E Antonenkov,
Department of medical Sciences,
Voronezh State Medical University,
Research Interest: Lean technologies in different areas of medicine. Physical and rehabilitation medicine.